"Are you looking for a new Rainbow Merge and Run game of 2023? Do you like a simple survival game, free to play game, run and merge easy gameplay, monster and zombie game, fun to play with friend?
If yes, Merge Rainbow: 3D Run is a nice match for you. Merge 3D Rainbow Run's world is combine of colorful zombie and monsters. You have to run, get over traps, merge and fight agaist crazy rainbow monsters to protect your brain!

🌈Easy and fun game play!
Collect as many Rainbow Friends as you can, build a squad with blue monster, merge to make a strong monster army. Remember: Avoid traps and Red Monsters! Fight till the end to become the last surviver.

🌈Tons of monsters and various skins!
Lead your blue monster army using your finger, merge the same monster unit to get a powerful one, the more you merge, the stronger the monster is. Collect more Rainbow monsters to unlock new skins!

🌈Various level with different challenges
The higher level, the more fun it get. To survive, you need a neat strategy, blue rainbow monster have to survive until the end to build strong enough Rainbow friend army to defeat zombie.

👉How to play:
You can move your monsters by swiping
Collect Rainbow Friend character and merge as much as you can
Complete a level by defeating all the enemies and win the last battle, be the last survival!

Ready to fight? Let's play!"