Jelly Truck

To drive forward or backward, use the up and down arrow keys, and to tilt your vehicle, use the left and right arrow keys. Drive your way through the jelly world, reaching the finish line at the end of each level. Don't be crushed!
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About this game

Have you ever wanted to drive a truck across a jelly-filled world? Well, wonder no more, for Jelly Truck has arrived.
To accomplish each level, drive your Jelly Truck through all of the obstacles. The goal is to bring the Jelly Truck to the finish line in order to level up.
Can you make it all the way to the flag at the end of each level with your shaky jelly truck? You'll have to roll and wiggle your way through the various obstacles in your path. Because everything is composed of jelly, this truck driving game is incredibly difficult! Best wishes!
Fantastic driving game in which you pilot a vehicle made of... jelly! This wriggling vehicle is difficult to maneuver, so drive carefully and as swiftly as possible to the finish line.
Get behind the wheel and attempt to finish each level! Everything in this planet is formed of jelly, which makes it difficult to overcome some difficulties.
Gametornado created the game.

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